Category management, packaging design, POS material, (digital) content, catalogues, website, PIM and DAM. These are just some of the activities of marketing. Eltra’s experienced marketing team ensures maximum performance of the brands within the categories.

Marketing services

Together with the buyers, the Eltra trade marketers are responsible for optimal category management. They also design packaging and displays and take care of good digital content such as photos and videos. They also manage the websites of the various brands and provide catalogues.

The content team in turn ensures optimal presentation of the digital content via PIM and DAM systems so that consumers can effortlessly find their way to the products online. And if the consumer still has a question? Then he will be helped by our technical after sales staff.

Our products involve a high degree of technicality and consumers are becoming more and more demanding. Good training of shop personnel is therefore becoming increasingly important. The technical after sales support is therefore not only the first line help for technical questions but also provides training on the shop floor if necessary and makes instructional videos that can be found on the Eltra Toolkit, our Youtube channel.