Logistic services

In our new logistics centre in Evergem (Ghent), we process around 2.5 million order lines every year. In our warehouse we have 16,500 pallet spaces and a robotised container warehouse with 23 robots and 20,400 bins. This enables us to guarantee a high level of delivery and to offer improved logistics services such as drop shipment and shelf-ready picking.


The new logistics centre in Evergem has a surface area of 21,500m² of warehouse and 3,500m² of production. The high level of automation of our logistics enables us to offer numerous new and/or improved logistics services to our customers. For example, the new warehouse allows us to go to later cut-off times to support the retailer’s B2C proposition.



Efficiency in logistics is not only important for the supplier but also for the retailer. The faster the goods can be received and find their way to the shelf, the more time the shop can spend on contacting the consumer. That is why we can now deliver the orders shelf-ready. The goods are packed per product group and in order of the shelf in a box, which enables us to achieve great efficiency.


High delivery rate

The new logistics centre currently provides 16,500 pallet spaces and 20,400 bins with 23 self-propelled robots that pick fully automatically. However, the warehouse is fully equipped for growth, so that we can quickly add to it. Not only in pallet locations, but also by deploying extra robots. In this way, we can guarantee a good delivery level for our customers in the future as well.