At Eltra’s production department, we distinguish a number of activities including packaging of switchgear in cardboard packaging and installation material in plastic blister packaging. In addition, we have a number of in-house developed packaging machines for the production of cable cuttings. All activities take place at one central location, our logistics centre in Evergem.

Carton packaging

We have very recently taken a new packaging machine into operation with which we produce high-quality cardboard packaging. NIKO switchgear is packed on this machine. This packaging is not only very ecological but also gives a very nice appearance to the shelf of switching material.


Cable packaging

On six different machines, which were developed and built in-house, we package almost all types of cable in small sections from 5 to 50 metres. This not only concerns household wire, but also installation wire and installation cable such as XVB and XMVK. We also have a machine on which we can make small reels of household cable so that the consumer can unwind the desired metres himself.


Blister packaging

In addition to cardboard packaging, we also produce a range of switching and installation equipment on our plastic blister packaging machines. Because we own these machines and print the blister cards on demand, we are very flexible and can switch quickly.